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Attitudes hmmmmmm we all have attitudes but what’s most important is how our attitude affects others.

Some peole’s attitudes can be very annoying , somestime you have this strange urge to just strangle them but you just can’t do it because you are different from them.

Take for example the attitude of a lady called sharon , sharon moves with some group of girls that have the same attitudes has her like they say ” birds of the same feather flocks together ” they just act mean to people and what they don’t know is that having an attitude does not have to come with a badtitude .

The only way to handle people like this is to tolerate them because we all come from different parts of the country or world , which gives us the opportunity to learn from others , sp please lets throw the negative attitude outside and embrace the positive attitude.


One response to “ATTITUDES !!!!!

  1. cerebrallysaturated ⋅

    Errm I am a firm believer in “If you cant make a person smile, do not deepen their frown”.
    But some people with terrible attitudes just need enlightenment

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