Working Experience

I was going through the newspaper ( not that I was really kin on reading the paper) so , I was just scanning through then something got my attention, there was a section of the newspaper add that was full of vacancy, but what really got my attention was the condition attached to each job ….
Basic requirements: minimum of 2 – 3 yrs experience
Maximum of 5 – 7 yrs of working experience
When I saw that I was like seriously? It’s that even possible, I could imagine the look on a fresh graduate going through this same newspaper, and I could relate to what that person might be feeling.
Let’s take David for example, he is the first child of his parents, his parents struggled to send him to school, he also struggled to finish school (strike, school fees and all other school palaver). He graduated top of his class (effico), served his country for a year (which was a necessity), you would have thought that companies will be waiting just to sign him on (you know now as an” iwe rima “), but that was not the case, he didn’t even applied for a job because every company wanted a person with experience and obviously David doesn’t have any experience in other words “HE IS NOT QUALIFIED “. How is it possible for a person who just finished school to have a working experience?
Then we ask ourselves why is there unemployment in this country, when we are supposed to be a land filled with resources, not knowing that we are responsible , am tired of hearing the old saying “ the government this” , “the government that” , “the government should “, it’s kind of sounding cliché to me, why do we keep blaming the government , on second thought I think we should blame the government because we are the GOVERNMENT ( government : for the people , by the people and of the people ).

Let’s be realistic here, we are not helping matters in this country, how do we expect a fresh graduate to have a working experience without having any experience at all, that is why a lot of youths are unemployed because of this outrageous conditions…… we are not giving the youths opportunity to prove themselves, and we say the youths are the “leaders of tomorrow “yet we deprive them of the opportunity to express themselves.

After facing rejection, most of them end up been hooligans, armed robbers, expert in cyber crime and I hear that kidnapping is the main business now (it’s a pity). The level at which unemployment has degenerated in this country its alarming; such is the case of the immigration exercise which was held throughout the nation, which was a complete DISASTER!!!!!!! . Don’t even want to go down that lane that would be another topic for another day.

Just saying …………………..


Attitudes hmmmmmm we all have attitudes but what’s most important is how our attitude affects others.

Some peole’s attitudes can be very annoying , somestime you have this strange urge to just strangle them but you just can’t do it because you are different from them.

Take for example the attitude of a lady called sharon , sharon moves with some group of girls that have the same attitudes has her like they say ” birds of the same feather flocks together ” they just act mean to people and what they don’t know is that having an attitude does not have to come with a badtitude .

The only way to handle people like this is to tolerate them because we all come from different parts of the country or world , which gives us the opportunity to learn from others , sp please lets throw the negative attitude outside and embrace the positive attitude.

Just thinking

was watching a movie this afternoon titled teen wolf , then i got thinking what would it feel like to be a wolf or even a vampire , it would be very amazing . the feeling of having full power to do whatever you like has a vampire i can easily suck out blood from our corrupt leaders.